Emeka for the whole family

Emeka’s line of tissue products pleases everybody with its combination of delicate softness, reliable strength and fresh scents in a vibrant, fun package.

A brand ambassador to remember

Emeka is best known for its superior softness inspired by the brand’s mascot – the cheerful and adventurous purple panda Emecho, who has been entertaining families since the brand’s inception in 2008.

Adds a little care

Emeka is a brand that really cares for its customers and tries to bring smiles and a pleasant mood at home, offering a high quality product at a reasonable price. All that presented by its charming mascot.

For the bathroom

Emeka toilet paper comes in a variety of four colors, and their respective delightful scents: Paradise, Mountain Fresh, Ocean Breeze and Melon Dream. All of them offer pristine softness and the pleasant thickness of the three plies.

For the kitchen

Emeka kitchen roll is made out of 100% cellulose and comes in scented and non-scented variant. Both of them pack a 100 strong and highly absorbent economy sheets, keeping things neat and clean for a long time.