Foam full of care

EXO is on a mission to promote and facilitate the sharing of responsibilities among family members. Because house duties should be SHARED, and they are EASY to be shared with EXO. With the new Expert gel range, EXO now offers an entirely new level of super foamy performance, so everyone can get the dishes done- quick and easy.

Powerful, yet gentle

The secret of Exo lies in the unique blend of surfactants which deliver premium washing performance. Exo Hydrobalsam is tough on grease without being aggressive on hands and nails. Exo Expert, our new super performing gel range, offers the best quality of wash Exo has ever had. It removes even the toughest stains, dirt and greases quick and easily, thanks to its rich formula and powerful long-lasting foam.

A game-changer

Exo is a premium had dishwash brand historically dedicated to skin-tolerant but effective dishwashing. When Exo was launched more than 15 years ago, the dishwash category was dominated by grease-cutting and economy messages. Exo disrupted that convention by turning hand care into an important category driver and creating a sub-segment of its own – hydrobalsam. The NEW boosted Hydrobalsam range delivers even greater results, while also preserving the skin’s natural hydration. The new formula has been dermatologically tested in an independent lab to ensure the product is as gentle on your skin as ever.

EXO goes Green

Now, EXO Clean Power offers you the option to choose green. With over 90% naturally derived ingredients and over 95% biodegradable ingredients, EXO helps you be more sustainable while doing your everyday chore. For more information about EXO Clean Power click here.