The super crunchy & fun snack

With its unique cubic shape and great flavours which kids adore, Kubeti offers a balanced and tasty in-between snack for every kid.

Variety of flavours

A WOW-ing variety of flavors is one of Kubeti ‘s biggest advantages. The portfolio is constantly refreshed, adding and surprising kids with new flavors.

Escape from the ‘Land of boredom’ with Kubeti cool characters

The ‘Land of boredom’ is the place where kids feel locked in doing their chores while they just want to have fun with their friends. They need a break, so Kubeti gang of superheros comes to the rescue for an exciting get-away towards the fun-time with their friends.

Super pocketable

The packages are small enough to put easily in your back pocket or eat Kubeti straight from the package (no greasy fingers!), but big enough to satisfy the hunger.