The super crunchy & fun snack

Kubeti come in different shapes and dozens of flavors. These crunchy bites offer a balanced and tasty in-between snack for every kid.

Sweet and salty in a dozen of flavors

A WOW-ing variety of flavors is one of Kubeti ‘s biggest advantages. The portfolio is constantly refreshed adding surprising kids with new flavors and ditching out the least favorite ones.

Super pocketable

The packages are small enough to put the easily in your back pocket or eat Kubeti straight from the package (no greasy fingers!), but big enough to satisfy the hunger.

Cool characters and a rich universe

Each Kubeti flavor is represented with a SuperHero, the whole gang lives in a vivid world where kids are constantly in jeopardy by the evil forces of Huner and Boredom.

Inspiring kids’ imagination

Kubeti are a responsible, colorful and witty brand that constantly offers new