Superfood is the heart and soul of the Livity portfolio.
We curate the cleanest, most nutritious and energy-effective ingredients we can find, the whole world over. 

Our superfruits and super-nuts cover all the bases when it comes to micro and macro ingredients and amazing taste.

Each of our ingredients is in a pristine natural state, untouched by additional sweeteners – our fruits naturally provide all the sweetness you need and we use absolutely no refined or processed sugar.
Our fruit ingredients contain fiber and fruit sugar, called fructose. Unlike refined sugar, fructose is not related to experiencing an insulin peak. Fruits are packed with fiber and give you vital nutrition while helping you feel full and satisfied.
Our bars are both dairy-free and gluten-free – we choose ingredients that are energy efficient and nutritious while being inclusive to as many lifestyles as possible.

Livity Nature is your instant getaway to the plant kingdom. Enter our tasty world of simple and entirely plant-based recipes made with 2 or 4 ingredients only – just raw superfruits and fine cashew nut goodness.

Livity Superfood is an organic vegan bar that gives you a turbo boost of energy with the help of superfruits, premium nuts and exquisite raw dark chocolate from the UK.

Livity Protein comes with a hefty source of fiber, 25% egg white protein and complemented by tasty dark chocolate. We are pretty sure you will get hooked on the phenomenal taste and feel of our high protein bar!


Livity - Too tasty for an energy bar.