Eco and human-friendly

 Today, laundry detergents are among the main polluters of the Earth’s most scarce resource – water. 90% of My Forest’s ingredients are of natural origin, while synthetic surfactants are substituted by pure natural soap which does not have a harmful impact on the environment because it is non-toxic and fully biodegradable. In addition, all My Forest products contain only hypoallergenic fragrances that provide skin-friendly washing while keeping the feeling of fresh and clean laundry.

 A unique product formula

 My Forest has high content of natural soap which is proven to be one of the most effective washing agents. In addition to uncompromising stain removal power, My Forest has long-lasting fragrances and keeps clothes looking new for a longer period of time. Like no other.

 Everything you and your clothes need

 With a variety of powder and liquid detergents – Color, White and Whites&Colors My Forest gives you everything your clothes need. The product line includes three fabric softeners that give your clothes infinite softness and long-lasting freshness.

 A brand with a cause

As a part of its special social responsibility program, My Forest has My Forest has a commitment to donate €0,05 for every kilogram/liter sold to bringing the nature closer to us and making the cities we live in greener.