More Cream. More taste. More of me.

The new My Motto wafers are more delicious than ever. Now with 80% cream filling, the crispy two-piece wafer is the ultimate pleasure for you and your friends. My Motto is more than happy to deliver that very pleasure with every single bite.


A sweet escape from the daily routine

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with our daily tasks and just need a little time off just for ourselves. My Motto is your delicious ticket to get off the crazy life rollercoaster for a moment…pause, sit back and treat yourself with something special.


Double dose of indulgence

Delicious double wafer delight of cream and crispiness inspired by your favourite dessert tastes - Cacao & Cacao, Cacao & Hazelnut or Tiramisu, it’s up to you to choose. Our motto is “Two is more than one”, that’s why you’ll find two pieces in every pack of My Motto.