Sweet everyday snack

Double cream filling in two pieces is the ultimate pleasure for you and your friends. My Motto is more than happy to deliver that very pleasure with every single bite.

Choice is our motto

By being more the wafers, My Motto eMoTTions express all the crazy, funky, happy emotions you feel on a daily basis. Baked hazelnuts, roasted cocoa, or the wildest of forest fruits, it’s up to you to choose. Delicious coated wafers with Cocoa, Vanilla, Hazelnuts or cherries are just a single mouthful away with the double cream My Motto wafers. Our motto is “Tow is more than one”, that’s why you’ll find two pieces in every pack of My Motto.

Switch to summer mode

Your crazy hot summers just became sweeter than ever. Between those extra crunchy wafer sheets lie four delicious cream layers of Cococa, Yogurt or real fruits. Imagine all that in a double serving portion you can share with a friend or just for your double personal enjoyment and you have the My Summer Motto waffers.

A wafer you can’t afford to miss

With that wide range of products, My Motto has everything you can possibly look for in a wafer – the crunchiest of wafer sheets, mouthwatering cream and delicious coating.