Pufies is a high-quality brand for baby diapers & baby wet wipes, with a unique artistic touch.


Our Baby Art & Dry line offers a diversity of 32 artistic diaper designs, combined with excellent performance, ensuring optimal dryness, comfort and leak protection for the baby.


Our Sensitive line provides reliable & delicate care for baby skin from day one. Our Sensitive diapers are soft, breathable and proven hypoallergenic, made from tested harmless materials,




We believe that every mum and baby are unique. We support every mum to trust her maternal instinct, because only she knows best what’s good for her own child.


This is our special mission – to support and encourage every mum to trust herself and the choices she makes.




Our partners & consumers are our friends. In helping and supporting you along the way, we commit to constantly developing our brand, as we listen to your voice first.


We understand your needs, so we have developed a product that you can trust from day one.


Trust Your Choices!