Designed for the catwalk

Pufies is a premium brand of disposable baby diapers and baby wet wipes, based on three pillars – design, safety and performance, provided by trusted experts. Currently Pufies offers a diversified portfolio in two different series – Trusted Trends by Pufies are the premium designer diapers, and Pufies Baby Art & Dry - the high quality artistic diapers.

Mom has a choice

Pufies Trusted Trends are unique cloth-like diapers with trendy designs, created by the New York fashion designer Elana Brynes. All designs are inspired by the latest fashion trends. They have all the performance features you would expect from a leading brand - odor control, premium softness and dryness. Pufies Baby Art & Dry are unique cute and artistic diapers, designed by the Rhode Island illustrator Allison Cole, while she is pregnant with her first child. They are dry, comfy and leak protected.

The friendliest of diapers

The whole family loves Pufies’ colorful and friendly designs, even the toddlers. A true contemporary brand that strives for quality and innovation.