What stops you? There is Savex.

Savex is the brand which provides total care for your laundry with a wide range of powder and liquid detergents, laundry capsules and fabric softeners. The product formulas are constantly being improved to deliver first-in-class performance both in terms of washing and fragrance. No matter if your laundry is white or color, with stubborn stains or just everyday dirt, Savex is the expert brand you can rely on.

Innovative solutions

Savex is always among the first to introduce innovative products and concepts on the market. For example, it is one of the very few detergents to include encapsulated aroma technology in both its powder and liquid variants. As a result, the products deliver unrivalled freshness on dry laundry. Savex Super Caps are another innovation in the portfolio of Savex. The unique flower-shaped laundry capsule is a registered industrial design of Ficosota and combines a perfectly measured dose of concentrated liquid detergent with a perfume booster.

A boost of long-lasting freshness

In a category of whiter whites and brighter brights, Savex stands out with the most interesting, impactful, and memorable fragrances. Thanks to the perfume capsules contained in the product formulas, Savex guarantees unparalleled fragrance strength and long-lastingness. The unique fragrance experience our consumers enjoy comes from the carefully selected perfume blends, as well as the adoption of the latest industry innovations in the field of fragrance.

If it must be clean and if must smell great, it must be Savex.