Years of experience

The brand was launched back in 2002. We had 15 years to earn the consumers trust and their preferences. Savex has a portfolio that spans over two important household segments – Laundry detergent and Softeners.

 Innovative product concept

With a product line including powder and liquid detergents, and always innovative product concepts such as “Aromatherapy”, “Urban”, “Diamond Parfum”, and “Parfum Lock”, Savex never fails to deliver quality and an exceptional fragrance experience with every detergent it launches.

 Beyond soft fabrics

 The sub-brand Savex Soft offers a wide variety of softeners in order to provide absolute care for the fabrics. Having gained a reputation for its outstanding fragrances in detergents, Savex is an excellent value for money product in the fragrance-driven segment of softeners. 

 Market leader

Savex has leading positions in many of the 10+ countries where it is marketed. The brand’s mission is to offer the most interesting, impactful, and memorable fragrances in the fabric care category.