A clean start 

 In 1998 the Teo brand was created with a simple mission at hand – to offer personal care products with fragrances and colors that nourish skin and hair and add joy into people’s lives. Since then the brand has been constantly improving its product formulas and packaging design and while it managed to become market leader in several categories it stayed true to its core values.

Full of joy and care

People need products that they can trust and love using them every time, day after day. Teo understands this need and that’s why its well-balanced formulas combine amazing fragrances, gentle care and joyful designs that leave the skin and hair healthier and fresher.

Care for every need

Teo has a rich portfolio of shower gels, liquid and bar soaps that indulge the senses and offer one of a kind experience to its users. Teo constantly seeks innovation in its effort to be relevant to market trends and go beyond consumers’ expectations in the 14 markets it serves, in Europe, Asia and Africa.