Raising the bar

Focused on delivering rich hydration and delicate care for the skin tête-à-tête offers a portfolio of high quality bar soaps. Developed with expertise and improved over time tête-à-tête products bring sensorial experience right from the first touch.

Milk-Rich formula

What makes tête-à-tête so special is the carefully selected ingredient – milk protein, which hydrates the skin in a natural way – Its properties have a proven effect that guarantee skin stays well hydrated and silky smooth even when used regularly.

Keeping the skin soft

By choosing tête-à-tête as a daily care product you ensure your skin gets a proper cleansing and natural hydration at the same time. Experience the wonderful feeling of rediscovering the world of smooth and soft skin. Understanding the important role of smell for creating positive memories, and tête-à-tête offers a variety of delicate and dreamy fragrances to choose from.