Business Services

The responsibilities of this department are interlinked with all the business units in Ficosota. The team is very diverse and includes people from HR, Business Processes and System optimization department, Administration, Facility Management and Corporate Marketing. Business Services helps the processes within the company to run smoothly.


What is the Business services department all about?

If Ficosota was a living being, business services would be its cardiovascular system. The employees in BS support Ficosota departments and make sure they’re working smoothly. Part of business services are HR, Business Processes and System optimization, Administration, Facility Management and Corporate Marketing.

Are there any desired entry qualifications?

If you are interested in Facility Management a technical qualification is necessary, if you are looking for a position in Administration an economic education is a required.

The lack of experience shouldn’t worry you – we offer entry level training in order to help you kickstart your career. However, if you do not have a relevant degree, then a proven experience in the sphere is a must.

What are the personal qualities a person should possess to work in this sphere?

Patience, communication skills, a fast and smart decision maker. Someone who can easily find a way working with a lot of people with different kind of characters and nationalities.

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