Our Marketing Team - people who craft our brands.
Strategic minds – creative & innovative artists always looking to predict and set the upcoming trends - these are our Global Marketing teams.
Our Local Marketing teams – fortress of the pathfinders to our consumer hearts. The curious explorers of the markets and bold leaders.


Do you consider having a background in marketing and advertising a plus?

If a candidate has previous experience in one of those two fields, of course he/she will have an advantage. On the other hand, we acknowledge that in marketing ideas and analytical thinking are important and we are capable of spotting potential in the unexperienced.

Am I going to be responsible for a global or a local brand/s?

Ficosota is a global company and all of our brands are sold throughout the world. This means that we have people responsible on a global and on a local level. So both opportunities are possible.

Is travelling a big part of the job?

It depends on the position. If you manage a local brand you will travel more to its respective markets. If your position is in Global Marketing you will travel in the target markets of a brand approximately 3-4 times a year. Marketing is constantly shifting and you need to be close to the market and track its tendencies. 

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