R&D Specialist Shumen - Bulgaria


At FICOSOTA there are job opportunities for people with a passion for innovation, an attitude for creativity and a desire to make a difference.

If you want to know more how FICOSOTA works, its magic behind our brand PUFIES, do not miss the chance to join our R&D team.

The R&D processes of Baby diapers converting lie particularly in the field of hygiene materials applications and some physical chemical processes. This is a perfect opportunity for graduate students to make use of their Engineering Skills. The position is also open to people with the right experience. The R&D Specialist Baby diapers ensures in an independent manner the development of new products and in close cooperation with Marketing Management initiates and conducts research to improve current products and/or develop new products. Important criteria will be time-to-market, cost efficiency and commercial translations. The R&D Specialist reports directly to the Head of R&D and QC.



This is a position in our growing Research and Development Department at Hygiene Disposable and Tissue Products business unit.

This is a full-time position, 40 hours per week. Located at Ficosota plant - Shumen.



FS is looking for a specialist with completed higher professional education in Chemistry or Machine/Electrical Engineering. The following will be considered as an advantage:

  • Technical secondary school;
  • At least 2 years work experience in R&D department;
  • Good knowledge in the field of technical equipment, production facilities and machines;
  • Knowledge in Pulp and paper chemistry and polymer chemistry;

FS is looking for a decisive specialist with a commercial disposition.

Good control of English.


R&D Department

R&D is responsible for essential product innovation and development. In a constantly changing and innovative market, the R&D department ensures product development in a very short launch-to-market period. Important innovations for customers take place in the field of eco-awareness, cost efficiency and improved functioning of the products. Moreover, the R&D department is responsible for creative problem solving, up-scaling of production and competitive research.


Work ethics

We expect work to be carried out in a professional manner. Attention to details and exactitude is essential and drive to perform tasks properly and thoroughly. Adherence to our guidelines is required.

We expect you to work with others as part of a team. We expect you to travel internationally when required.


Personal Attributes

The role is open to people who have the following attributes:

  • Attention to details, pride in work, desire to finish and complete things properly
  • Enthusiastic, keen
  • Good understanding in physics, maths and how things work
  • Interest in technology
  • Practical and resourceful
  • Self-motivated, Team player
  • Computer skills
  • Analytical mind


FICOSOTA is a global, fast-paced, highly collaborative environment that demands strong leadership, communication and collaborative skills to successfully deliver business results.


Duties and Associated Skills

This list does not include all the tasks that are required, and other tasks will be assigned when required.


You will be required to develop and enhance FS Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) and to redesign existing products. You will be required to analyze real data, to assess sensorial quality, to develop test and calibration techniques.

Analysis of customer data

You will be required to help and support team by analyzing interesting and unusual customer data, with the aim of improving the results and improving AHP.


You will be required to prepare and keep suitable documentation on your work, drawings, charts, tables and presentations.


As a part of R&D team you will collaborate with quality control, quality assurance, production and marketing  teams in order to create and develop the products.

Other duties as required by the company

The role has a lot of variation in it; from time to time you will be required to perform other duties, mainly in the R&D department.