Desislava Petkova is a Category Manager in one of most competitve, constantly chaning and challenging categories - fabric care. She has a central role in the creation of the brand My Forest, together with Yavor Tzvetkov.

What she and her team wanted to develop was a completely different premium product in fabric care category. Their creative and sharp minds made the revolutionary product - My Forest.

This is a new generation effective innovatiove product which is eco and human-friendly. The product has a biodegradable formulas with over 90% ingredients of natural origin, hypoallergenic fragrances and no aggressive chemicals.

My Forest is not just a brand or a commercial product - it is a brand with a cause. For every 1 kilogram or liter sold - certain amount of money is donated to afforestation of forests in the country where the products is sold. The special social responsibility programme have alredy a result - 15,000 trees in Koprivshtica Municipality, Bulgaria are planted which were affected by a horrible natural disaster. 

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