Whistleblowing notice for reporting of breaches of Bulgarian laws or acts of the European Union - Ficosota Food


  1. This Whistleblowing Notice (Notice) aims to provide you with clear and easily accessible information on the terms and conditions for reporting breaches through the internal channel of FICOSOTA FOOD JSC, UIC 127590277 („Company“), under the Protection of Persons Who Report or Publicly Disclose Information on Breaches Act („Act“).

  1. According to the Bulgarian legislation, you can report breaches of the Bulgarian laws or the acts of the European Union defined in the field of:

  1. A reporting person within the meaning of this Act shall be a natural person who reports or publicly discloses information on a breach that has become known to him or her in their capacity as:

  1. Protection is also granted to: 
  1. In the event that the report is credible and justified, the protection within the meaning of the Act is provided to you from the moment of the submission of the report or the public disclosure of information about a breach.

  1. You have the right of protection in case you:
  1. has had reasonable grounds to believe that the information submitted about the breach in the report was correct at the time of its submission and that this information falls within the scope of Art. 2.
  2. has reported a breach under the conditions and according to the procedure of this Act. 
  1. Proceedings shall not be initiated and you shall not receive protection for submitting anonymous reports (unless you have been subsequently identified) and reports relating to breaches committed more than two years ago. 

  1. In the event that you wish to report the breaches referred to in Art. 2 and if there is good reason to believe that the information is true, you can do so in one of the following ways:
  1. When giving a verbal report, we will record the same in a form that we will ask you to sign. 
  2. The report must contain at least: full name, address and telephone number of the sender, e-mail address (if any), names of the person against whom the report is filed (when it is filed against specific persons and they are known), specific data of an infringement or a real danger of such being committed, place and period of committing the breach, if any, a description of the act or situation and other circumstances, to the extent known to the reporting person, date and signature. 
  3. In the event that there is a reasonable assumption that there is a risk of discriminatory responses and that no effective measures will be taken to verify the report, the report can be submitted through an external transmission channel, namely to the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data. You have the right to disclose public information, under the terms of the Law.

  1. Once you submit a report, we will check whether it is credible and, if so, take the necessary follow-up action to uncover the objective truth and gather all the necessary evidence, incl. by the affected parties and by the person against whom the report has been filed in compliance with confidentiality as well as confidentiality of your personal data.
  2. If necessary, we can contact for further information and documentation.
  3. After we prepare a report and before 3 months have elapsed since the report was submitted, we will contact you to give you feedback on your report.
  4. When the breach is unimportant and does not require further follow-up actions and in case of a repeated report that does not contain new information essential to the breach, the file on your report may be terminated.
  5. The Company examines all reports of breaches in compliance with the principles of confidentiality, impartiality, fairness, independence and lack of conflict of interest.
  6. The Company shall protect reporting persons from retaliatory acts having the character of repression and placing them at a disadvantage and shall not allow such actions to be carried out within its organisation.

  1. You are liable according to Bulgarian legislation and the law of the Union for any action or omission that is not related to the submission of the report or is not necessary for the disclosure of the violation. You may be liable, according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria, for assault.
  2. in case of obviously false or misleading statements of fact, your report will be returned with an instruction to correct the statements and a warning about the responsibility you bear, namely up to a fine of up to BGN 7,000.

  1. This notice is available on our website, namely: ("Website"), and in a prominent place at our offices.
  2. More information regarding your rights and the processing of your signals and your personal data can be found on our website.

  1. The Company will process your personal data for the purpose of handling a report. 
  2. The information related to a reported breach, as well as the identity of the Reporting Person and the affected person and the other persons identified in the report or made aware of the report, are protected. Access to your personal data will be granted only to persons responsible for handling reports, as well as state and supervisory authorities, in cases specified by law.